What is the price of an imported car?

If we have arrived at a specific car, an important question arises, namely: How much will the car cost in the end?

In general:

car purchase price + import price + registration price = FINAL PRICE OF THE CAR


The price of importing each car is individual as it depends on several factors such as distance, the fact whether the car will be delivered on its own axis / by car transporter...

The import price includes not only the fuel fee, but of course other expenses related to the journey (road signs, fee for registering the car at the local office, temporary PZP...) and also all expenses related to the procurement and import of the vehicle to Slovakia.

For a specific import price quote, please contact us: [email protected] or by phone at +421 948 440 878.

Vehicle registration

Registering an imported car in the vehicle register of the Slovak Republic is primarily an administrative matter. It is necessary to fill out requests correctly, document protocols, translations, stamps... At the same time, do not forget to follow the deadlines and respond promptly to any calls.

Detailed description of the prices of partial registration actions:

  • Official translations: 25 euros / standard page
  • STK, EK, KO: 160 euros
  • Fee for handling waste from a vehicle that is an individually imported vehicle: 30-90 euros (depending on the vehicle brand)
  • Administrative fee for starting the procedure: 106 euros
  • Registration tax for cars over 80kw
  • Registering: 33 euros

Or we offer a complete registration package (without registration tax) for 550 euros

Vehicle registration is a complex, time-consuming administrative process. Don't get sick of waiting and bureaucracy and leave the administrative tasks to us. We will save you a lot of time and guarantee the prompt execution of all actions related to the registration of a turnkey car.

We relieve you of:

  • Writing applications
  • Documentation of all documents required for car registrations
  • Elaboration of official translations
  • Payment of fees for handling waste originating from a vehicle that is an individually imported vehicle
  • Payment of administrative fees for the initiation of proceedings
  • Calculations or payment of registration tax
  • Payment of the registration fee
  • Searching for and concluding mandatory contractual insurance (we offer specific offers from all insurance companies)

Of course, daily monitoring of deadlines and prompt response to possible calls from the concerned authorities is important, which is of course also within our competence.