Import of cars from abroad

Are you about to buy a new/used car? Before you make your final decision, know that buying (importing) a car from Germany/EU is undoubtedly one of the most advantageous solutions. We offer you the import of any car from Germany/EU with an individualized and fair approach.

Import of cars from abroad

Advantages of importing used cars

  • a wider range of cars - up to 50 million used cars on offer
  • documented service history and history of the number of owners
  • richer equipment of cars of lower classes
  • the possibility of buying a specific car model that was not imported to the Slovak market
  • better technical condition of the cars - regular maintenance by authorized services

Disadvantages of importing used cars

  • the need to travel abroad for a car
  • greater number of kilometers driven compared to the same years in the Slovak Republic
  • administrative side of import
  • costs associated with transporting the car...

However, if you decide to buy/import a car from Germany/EU, we will take over almost all of the 'disadvantages' mentioned above and relieve you of any technical, logistical and administrative part associated with buying/importing a car from abroad.

What do we offer you, why us?

  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Verification of the vehicle's technical condition
  • The possibility of a customized car loan for everyone
  • Free professional advice and consultations
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Measurement of body paint
  • Verification of the number of km and the technical condition of the vehicle based on the VIN number
  • Upon agreement, delivery of the imported car anywhere within the Slovak Republic
  • Very reliable and committed to customer service
  • Insurance, registration...
How is the import of cars carried out?

How is the import of cars carried out?

When choosing, we proceed exclusively according to the client's individual requirements. Before the actual decision, we offer technical, professional advice and consultations when choosing a car for free. If you already decide on a specific offer:

  1. We will preliminarily verify the car by phone (according to VIN), find out what you need to know, make a reservation
  2. We will draw up a pre-purchase contract on import with you
  3. You make a deposit of 30% of the purchase price of the vehicle
  4. After arriving at the place where the car is located, we will test the car, check the technical condition, measure the thickness of the paint...
  5. We will call you immediately with the found information, or we will send more pictures (in case you are not traveling with us)
  6. We will take care of all actions related to the transfer (departure, local fees, transport signs, temporary PZP...)
  7. After arriving in Slovakia and agreeing with you, we will take care of all the administrative part (translations, MOT, EK, KO...) and register the car
  8. You pay the remaining 70% of the vehicle price + the costs associated with transportation
  9. We will hand over the car

The vehicle must be imported in the declared condition, that is, it must correspond exactly to the description that was available to you at the time when you decided to buy it.

If you have any questions/requirements, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the entire process.

What is the price of an imported car?